Belief is the “X” Factor

Belief is the choice/motivation/tool/weapon/power/meaning/goal/drive/x-factor. I could only say that without a strong belief, you would easily get drawn into this downward spiral of blaming everything and your problems will only be bigger as you lose the energy to do things. Believing is all it takes to flip the switch and open new routes to all that untapped potential within you.


Now, close your eyes and think for 15 seconds after reading this sentence:

                       What do you believe about yourself?



“I believe that I….”  

Now, may I tell you that what you just proclaimed to believe will actually come true!

After seeing that sentence, the skeptical voice in you will probably surface. It’s good to have doubts but aren’t you also doubting yourself now just by thinking “Really?”  to yourself.

We all have our own skeptics inside us. It’s great that you are skeptical about things but it does not help if you are a skeptic of yourself. The skeptical part of you will make you impose a limit to your potential. Where did this skeptical part of us come from? How did it appear? Upon understanding and learning how to control that skeptical part of you, I hope that you’ll earn what you’re worth.

Deep rooted in our memories are these self limiting beliefs which formed the skeptics in us. These self limiting beliefs are created from the past. Parents might have told you repeatedly to not do something and soon their skepticism and self-limiting habits took shape in our minds. Fortunately, these are just habits which you’ve picked up without you knowing since young and they are not an innate feature of us, meaning that you can actually take control over these self limiting habits with a counter habit.

Initially, you’ll find it hard to believe in what you want to achieve at your current circumstances. The self limiting belief is at work here. The skeptic of you will dish out all kinds of excuses & reasons to stop you. DON’T FALL INTO ITS TRAP. The skeptic of you is the loser of you. A losers’ objective is to make sure you lose like them so that they can pour blames and complains into your mind and then bottle up your emotions for an explosion later on. The loser will say I don’t deserve it, I’m not good enough, this is too risky, I’m too busy, I have no time, this is too hard, I give up, I can’t take it and blame their colleagues, siblings, boss, weather, anything but themselves for choosing the path of self limiting beliefs.

Try this exercise. Use one hand to pluck out this voice in you and put it in your other hand’s palm. Look at the voice and say “Hi, little voice. Thanks for sharing.. Now SHUT UP!” and squash it.

The number one weapon of choice for your skeptic loser is to use your fear against you. We fear because of uncertainty. The fact that we can’t expect things with 100% certainty is undeniable. Since we can’t control uncertainty, we have to control ourselves. You make the choice to not fear uncertainty, but to have faith and take on any uncertainties that will inevitably hit you, the faith that you can overcome them and achieve the greatness inside you.

I blessed that you’ll uncover your potential by shedding those self-limiting beliefs and live a faith-driven life that overcomes perils in life.




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